Self-Care: A recipe for Scaling Tough TImes

Hello, my friend,

How are you doing today?

This week may be feeling heavy for you. With so much uncertainty, we are daily reminded of how fickle life is, and how transient and urgent it is to live our dreams.

It’s even more so if you live in Nigeria.

I shared a few tips on living wholesome lives in the midst of uncertainty on Instagram this week.

What can you control? Make a list.

Your immediate surroundings, the things you spend your time and your resources doing, the way you react to circumstances, what you say or do, your actual thoughts.

You are not without power. It is a lie we tell ourselves.

Get busy with low-intensity and high-reward activities

Remember that people who have lost their freedom still often control things in that situation, much less you, free and saved from destruction.

Establish and keep routines that are low intensity and high reward. Hobbies such as knitting, baking, gardening, and playing tennis are repetitive and give great mental grounding.
Keeping physically well and healthy.

Caring for the things you hold dear, your loved ones, your home, your stuff. Do some maintenance.

Keeping your surroundings pleasant, put things around you that you enjoy aka spark joy. Colors and objects that bring you joy.
Knowing what really matters to you, be safe and make a plan to stay safe.

Use techniques such as breathing, muscular movements, and a change in temperature to manage panic.

Controlling or interrupting thoughts, we all have thoughts, and they are powerful. The more we entertain them, the bigger and stronger they get, they become our prevailing thoughts, they occupy our hearts; and they create physical sensations and even illness in our bodies.

Our mental health is a pillar of our lives; we must guard it.

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it, flows the issues of life.

Do you have any tips for coping with these times?

Please share in the comments

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Stay wholesome
Stay authentic
Be yourself and keep getter better at it.

Live wholeheartedly,


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