Coming alive after a prolonged little death.

It is funny how we just sleep and take it for granted that there would be a tomorrow, isn’t it? When sleep is a fact, the closest we would come to death without actually dying.

Who digresses in an opening post? I do.

So, people, I hope you are well today and you are finding time to set yourself top on your list of priorities today?

I wanted to share some thoughts on setting intentions and I wonder if you have ever wondered what people mean when they say that.

It comes from the principle of putting out what you want into the world, so that it is more likely to happen then or as we say “claiming it”. It works too and this just goes to prove to some extent, the power of our belief systems.

Do you set intentions for your day or do you just let it flow? I have been in both groups and perhaps still flit between them but, I have found setting intentions to be a more useful activity than the alternative.

how to come alive when you make from sleep - Mind of Makus

Three Easy Steps to follow

I have personally found these 3 steps easy to follow:

1. Create a slow morning ritual.

This gives you some kind of certainty in your day and it in fact starts from the day before. Going to bed at a certain time, and perhaps already laying out your clothes and packing your work lunches sets a good tone for your morning.

You are not scurrying around first thing in the day. A daily self-care ritual such as a spiritual practice is only possible if you have the time for it. so make the time by starting slow in the morning.

2. Decide how you want to feel as you start your day:
The benefit of starting slow is that you can think. Take advantage of this new pace of your day and think, how do you want to feel?

Put on some music as you go about your preparatory activities, and get in the mood to give and receive joy throughout the day. Decide how you want to feel and act like it. This is not to say it will last all day but how you start makes a difference.

3. Use your mobile calendar as a scheduler
Pop on all the activities for the day on that device you carry with you everywhere. Yes! and if it is an important task, attach an alarm to the activity so it goes off about 5 minutes before the said activity is due. This is a game-changer. it keeps you on schedule.

These are my go-to for every single day and if you find them helpful or have more to add, please share with me on my FB page or on my Instagram page or maybe you want to send an email, that’s fine too.

Have you seen my new self-care resource? Click on the highlighted text to view it. It is a self-guided sensory reflection that is created with you in mind, to help you dive a little deeper into your own preferences.

Try it and let me know if you find it helpful.

Keep in touch, Ok?

Until we chat again, keep learning, keep sharing, and keep growing.

I believe in your value.

Live Wholeheartedly,

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