Can joy come to work with you today?

In recent times, i have had the opportunity to change jobs, and interact with a new inflow of energies and faces. It can be overwhelming, and at the same time exciting if you are an extrovert, or maybe just more social than me.
It has forced me to consider how i negotiate my work relationships.

New roles or responsibilites can fill us with anxiety, expectation, excitement and dread. It is indeed a rollercoaster of emotions, nicely buttoned up beneath the stiff suits and beautifully coloured blouses.
I applaud anyone who has ever braved these new ventures. They expose your weaknesses and perhaps help you negotiate them succesfully and turn them to strengths.

In thinking about work, joy is not what comes directly to mind. It is almost contradictory, as we often see joy as an emotion that strictly exists in a space outside work.

My own experience of finding pockets of joy at work, has led me to share with you today, these tips that have helped me along the way.

to be honest, it has not always been like this.  I, like most people learnt how to view work expectations, from the adults i had around me as a child and work was synonymous with stress.

As an adult however, i have found a lot of joy from work and i realise that this work joy, is something that can be an intentional action.
I will share a few things that have helped me:

1. Choosing a career you genuinely like and have interest in, makes it a bit easier to get through the hard days because, you understand the purpose behind what you do, and how it fits into the big picture. The why.

2. Engaging with educational material and skills, that make you work more efficiently on the job, gives a boost to your work place productivity and confidence.More highs than lows plus you are always prepared for opportunities.

3. Engaging with people you work with daily, in the form of getting to know people genuinely not because you want to bait them, or ask them for a favour. No, be curious about your colleagues and find what interests or values you have in common. You will be surprised what you learn.

4. Practising mindfulness by setting intentions which i discuss here , and reminding yourself throughout the day of these intentions. Act the way you want to feel. You may not succeed everyday, but you will on most days.

5. Being conscious and surrounding yourself with joy inducers, this can be taking a scenic route to work, or even having your favourite air freshener placed near your desk. Your senses have a huge role to play in the way you feel, check out this resource here for a deep dive into finding what works for you using your senses.

6. Taking meaningful breaks from desk work, go for a walk on your break, listen to music you love, dance if you can, have a great lunch waiting that you enjoy. Sometimes, take a well planned 2-day break from work rather than a 1-month annual leave. Absence can make the heart grow fonder.

7. Collaborate on interesting projects at work, to break up the monotony of your daily tasks. Find out about other people’s projects and see where you can add value.

8. If you have a staff network that interests you, join and engage with it.

Cultivate a full life outside work, that includes hobbies and other interests. I have heard a lot of people say that they have no hobbies, and when you ask further you find out they have not tried anything at all. Don’t be this person please.
I encourage you today to find 3 activities monthly, that fill you with positive energy, keep trying new things, until you find what works for you.

If there is anything i have learnt from practising the above work principles, it is that your professional network will improve in quality, and you will become more confident, because you have intentionally made your work environment, a safe and fertile ground for you to thrive.

Will you try these? and do let me know as usual, how you get on.

Find me on Facebook and Instagram @mindofmakus and if you want to ask questions about self-care and the daily practise of it, i am happy to have a chat with you in my DM or inbox, or just send an email. hit reply on this one.

We have a private Facebook group and it has been very useful to the members to have that avenue of daily check-in for self-care. We discuss various modes of self-care and how we practise them, I have learnt so much from the group members too.

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As usual, i hope you know how valuable you are, and you remind yourself daily that you are gold.

I believe in your value.

Live Wholeheartedly,



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