Keeping that Energy Pure

Hello dear.

I hope you are well today?

It has been an interesting week for me. God has shown himself to be full of laughs. I got the result of my exams back and I am happy with the outcome. The break I took from MoM was necessary and useful.

Have you ever had to take a break from something or someone you loved?

Today we are going to discuss managing energy. 

You know how good vibes is something everyone says now.

“Good vibes only” is on every timeline, door, car, and even the gates of hell may have it by now. lol. This is to say that not everyone who says it, means it or spreads it.

How do you protect your “good vibes”?

How to Protect Your Good Vibes

First of all, what is the source of energy you get daily? what affects your mood and actions? Examine the sources.

A law of physics states that “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, It can only be transformed from one form to another”.

This came to mind when I was visualizing this post. It means that you receive and give out energy in many forms, you don’t create it, and neither does anyone.

So if you give out negative energy, you didn’t necessarily receive it in that form. Ye!
We are all guilty.

So, what are the sources of the vibes? For some it is in the morning routine, for some, it is in the way they sleep, for some, it is in what comes through their phone, for some its in the people around them or their life experiences.

Take stock of the sources of any energy, this can be( spiritual, emotional, or physical) you feel, and hold it. Hold it because you need to examine it and see what form it came in, and what form you want to transform it into. It is in your hands.

Yes, you are the transformer. Nobody makes you do anything, you choose to do what you do. Sorry.

When you determine what to do with it, do it.

Do not delay, justify or find a reason to maintain negative energy especially. Not to say it doesn’t have its use, it does. It alerts us that something is out of sync. That’s its job. To alert you and then you determine what to do with it from there.

My good friend recently had such a traumatic experience and to be honest, if he wanted to hold the negativity and wallow in it, he would have been justified. He instead took it, but the measure he needed to put in place to restore his positive balance and then moved into it fully. 

It is much easier to take negative energy, sit in it, drink it and dance around looking for pity. It is because it requires no extra work, however, your body is doing a lot of work to carry it.

  • The tension in your shoulders,
  • The pain in your neck
  • The constant headache
  • The blurred vision
  • The ulcer in your stomach
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Lack of appetite
  • The pain in your back, hips, and legs
  • The frown on your face so others can see you and pity you
  • The acids and free radicals flowing in your body damage your organs
    Think about how these things will affect your relationships, how you don’t trust anyone around you, how your spiritual life has suffered too…. the impact is endless.

My dear friend, when you carry negativity, your body works, don’t be deceived. so learn to drop it.

How Amaka? you say,

Check out some tips below:

  • Walk away
  • Talk to someone you trust to help you get it off your mind.
  • Engage a therapist, you know I always say this. Therapy is the single most important thing you can do to change your view of life, Do it!.
  • Journal aggressively and truthfully
  • Surround yourself with sensory stimulants and I teach this in my SENSES COURSE
  • Let things go and people too. If you feel able to, give an explanation, perhaps to give them a chance to change?  I doubt anyone will change for you. People change for themselves. Give them the space to do so. 
  • Agree that you are not a lesson teacher, you don’t have to teach people, especially adults, a lesson.
  • Let bad behaviour fall flat around you. Your energy is more important. Don’t take it personal. A badly behaved person is just that, they will do it to anyone, it’s not about you.
  • Search for people who are doing what you like to do and engage them in discussions and who know, you may find new relationships
  • Encourage yourself to be curious, try new things. New things bring new energy
  • Do not make assumptions, view facts and ask intelligent questions to the relevant parties to clarify your questions
  • Encourage people to ask you questions too
  • Be honest, do not take sides in a battle you don’t know anything about. True loyalty is not based on deception and evil intentions, it is based on shared values.
  • Be at peace with all men….. well until they prove to you that they are your enemy, then cut them off ruthlessly.
  • Do not allow people put you on a pedestal, correct them.
  • Adjust expectations, yours and others of you. You are human
  • When people bring negative energy to you, do not react. Observe and respond slowly, sometimes delay your response.
  • Make peace with the fact that you cannot control how other people live their lives or respond to situations. Focus on how you do yours.

In summary:

  1. Note the sources of the energy you receive
  2. Hold it
  3. Transform it
  4. Learn how to reset your energy
  5. Stay in charge

It is indeed good as always to share my thoughts with you.
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I believe in your value.
Live Wholeheartedly,

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