To Thy Own Self!


I hope you are in a good place today?

just a short stop letter to talk about being true to self.

A few months ago I went to the park with my family and we had a wonderful picnic with friends, on our way to the car, we saw this lovely playground and got tempted to walk further into the park.

I sat on a bench watching them get on the rides and taking pictures for posterity which i really enjoy doing.

You see, I never get on rides and that is for a good reason too, I always get really sick after. So my fun is in seeing others enjoy it and taking pictures.

This is what I was doing on this fateful day. Then the kids got on the small merry-go-round that had a seat and was self-propelled so you could control the speed. I watched them push one another in turns and squeal with glee.

it then struck… FOMO

“What is it like kids?” (My inner enemy said).lol

“Fun,” they said

“Come on mummy”

“Come and try it” and at this point the adults joined in, egging me on

Good sense will tell you to say no, but this thing called curiosity will encourage you right into hellfire. 

That was how I got on this ride and the next thing, I felt myself spinning, and even when it stopped moving (because I was shamelessly screaming stop! stop! and hyperventilating into my husband’s shirt, holding on for dear life), I was still moving and kept moving  ( in my head) for hours after. I got home full of regret, my day ruined by the Fear Of Missing Out.

Are you done laughing?

I relearned a hard lesson that day.

When you know yourself, be sure of yourself too, and stick to your guns.

This applies to many areas of our lives where we want to give people 122343 chances to prove once again how incompetent, disrespectful and vile they can be, or when you put yourself in the same position many times after you have learned the lesson.

When you discover yourself, be true to yourself and stand up for yourself irrespective of what others think.
Take risks but with the knowledge of yourself front and center of those risks.
Respect who you are in this season.

To thine own self be true
Socrates said this and it’s a great quote to remember when you start to doubt your instinct, your experience, your testimony, your essence.

Live Wholeheartedly,

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