Embracing the Dance: Living and Celebrating While Healing

Hello dear friend,

December seems to have a desire to get past us at lightning speed. It was just yesterday we began the month and here we are  on the 8th day. It’s. Special month for me, birthday excitement every single day.

How have you been so far this month? I have started seeing chat about present wrapping and Santa visits e.t.c

For many of us, healing is an ongoing process that is gritty, and yet soft and sensitive. It can require the strongest part of us and still expose our most vulnerable sides.

Oh what a journey! At the end of the year we are all often reflective and making plans. So let’s talk about healing while celebrating today.

As we embark on our individual healing journeys, let’s acknowledge the strength it takes to revel in the joyous and happy moments, while tending to the wounds that life may have inflicted upon us.  We all have them, the battle scars, emotionally, physically, spiritually…. We wear some proudly, some not so proudly, some we will never mention almost like that erased them from our past.

It happened, you didn’t deserve it, you however need to release it now and step into the healing version of you.

Celebrate the Small Victories

On your healing journey, every small victory is a triumph worth celebrating. Whether it’s a day without overwhelming stress, a moment of genuine laughter, or a step towards self-discovery—these are the milestones on your healing journey. Take a moment to acknowledge and revel in these triumphs, they are the building blocks of a stronger, more resilient you.

What are your recent wins? Write them down. What hard thing did you do and now it’s a skill you have acquired.

Create Healing Rituals this holiday

Intertwine your celebrations with healing rituals that nourish your soul. It could be as simple as a daily meditation, a walk in nature, a moment of prayer, singing, dancing or dedicating time to a hobby you love.  Put in on your calendar, pay in advance for events that make you want to twirl and be a girl/boy again.

Celebrate the act of self-care and make it a non-negotiable part of your routine. These rituals serve as anchors, grounding you in moments of joy even as you navigate the waves of healing.

What do you want to incorporate into your daily routine for yourself ? Will you commit to it for 3 months?

Surround Yourself with Supportive Energies

Celebrating while healing doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Lean on your support system—friends, family, or even a community of like-minded individuals who understand your journey. Curate your trusted circle carefully, to suit who you are and what you need. Hopefully naturally you will also meet a need within the circle.

Have a circle where you feel safe that allows you to freely share your wins, express your challenges, and allow yourself to be lifted by the collective energy of love and understanding. Connection is a powerful catalyst for both celebration and healing.

I pray you find people who treat you special, like you are a big deal and you matter. People who are not looking to make you into something, but watch you evolve and sit with you in the hard dark murky waters of healing.

Write down 3 people you want to invite into your healing circle .people you can tell the hard stuff that is still in progress. Write a letter to them, keep it, for you.

Find Joy in the Present

Living in the present is a gift you give to yourself. When we are in the throes of pain and difficulty, it’s easy to get caught up in the past or worry about the future. However, joy resides in the now. Celebrate the beauty of the present moment, whether it’s the warmth of sunlight on your face, the taste of your favorite meal, or the company of those who bring joy to your heart. The present is a celebration waiting to unfold.

Look around you now, what do you see? What can you smell? Take a deep breathe. Smile.

Express Gratitude for Your Healing Journey

Gratitude is a beacon that lights up the path of healing. Take a moment to express gratitude for your journey—the lessons, the growth, and the resilience you’ve discovered within yourself.

Celebrate the fact that you are on a path of self-discovery and healing, and acknowledge the courage it takes to confront and overcome it all and be standing here, now.

My experience is that with intentional work to heal yourself, you find the supernatural and discover much more than what you set out to do initially, but if you never address your unmet needs, you will never know. I am thankful every day that I started to walk with God to uncover the unhealed parts of myself.

Dear friend, Courage, Maya Angelou says, is the most valuable of all human virtues, because the other virtues first require you to be courageous .

Dance, walk, crawl, jump, roll or pause through the healing process, savoring the music of life, and reveling in the beauty of your own journey. It’s like nothing the world has seen, new to you, new to the world. Like a butterfly emerging… you must do the work of spreading your wings and breaking free. Take the support available around you, leverage your resources to serve the future you.

You are not just surviving; you are embracing life with an open heart, ready to celebrate the magic it has to offer and there is great reward on the other side of it all.

Heal unapologetically my friend,  the world needs the healed version of you. Leave that raw pain softly outside the door, you are not that person anymore, you don’t need the pain to move forward….

Until next week,

Stay wholesome.

Stay authentic

Be yourself and keep getting better at it.

Live wholeheartedly,


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