How Sleep Helps You Balance Your Life Rhythm

Hello my friend,

How are things on your side of life?

Do you feel like Q1 is ending on a good note, or are you still waiting for the manifestation? Either way, you are on a good path; keep yourself going. Every step forward is progress.

I have been thinking about the pillars of a good lifestyle, and one thing I have found that supports it all is … Good quality sleep.


Sleep is a naturally occurring state of rest in which the body and mind are inactive, and the senses are temporarily suspended. During sleep, the body repairs and rejuvenates itself, while the brain processes and consolidates memories and learning from the day.

Sleep is essential for overall health and well-being, and the quality and quantity of sleep can impact many physical and mental health aspects. Sleep is a vital indicator of wholesome development and one of the bio-behavioural organizations (Heighten Science).

On the road to finding my life’s rhythm and creating healthy routines, I found that it was much easier to do after a good night’s sleep. I had to pay close attention to things like diet, exercise ,relationships, play, etc.

The pressure was on when I had my last baby, and I really struggled with feeling like myself, my body felt broken.

I started eating healthily. Settling for healthy food I enjoyed was not easy o, while breastfeeding. So I had to find what I hoped to eat often and then stocked up on it while ignoring it and eating junk.

So breastfeeding stopped eventually… Ha!

I pulled up my socks, got my steamed veggies and salmon lunches going. Started intermittent fasting too, I realized I didn’t need breakfast, as my mornings are not energy intensive.

After a few weeks, I got a personal trainer to support me, then realized that people that have trainers don’t go to bed late because…. Early morning wake-up for training is non-negotiable.

hay God!

So we come to sleep.

As long as I wasn’t sleeping well, exercise wasn’t happening, if exercise wasn’t happening, the mood was still rubbish, therefore, junk food and carb loading for comfort was needed.

Such a vicious cycle because my brain remained slow and my body weak, which worsened my mood.

I sha bought loads of vitamins and started to find ways to sleep better.

I tried going to bed with the kids and then realized I would wake up after 5 hours and be alert at 1 am. Not helpful.

I would go to bed and then have a toddler climb all over me all night, not helpful.

I would maybe sleep well and wake up, and then trying to get ready for the gym would wake the whole house. Wahahaluuurr

So what worked?

I moved into the guest room so that I didn’t bother anyone with my early mornings and nobody bothered me at night(I have the privilege of having a supportive partner, (he took the fall for this).

I prepped for sleep as soon as I got home, packed lunches, did laundry, pick out my gym clothes and work clothes.

I created a routine around bedtime, less harsh light, dim phone lights from 7 pm, no calls from 8pm, no night meetings if I can help it, no exciting TV programs.

I started to read after dinner, physical books with varied themes according to my interest, this made it easy.

I struggled with an earlier bedtime and staying asleep but would usually stay with it.

Eventually, it became the norm, and at 9pm, I would be asleep.

The average adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep, according to Dr. Olson of the Mayo Clinic; for me, it’s more like six good uninterrupted hours.

sleep solves everything Mind of Makus
Sleep solves everything

I found out that with good sleep came all the other good health habits. I was consistent at the gym, with fasting, I felt my brain become more alert and creative, and I was the happiest person to be around.

Some Quick Sleep aids Include

  • Make your bed
  • Have a cozy good, quality bedding you like
  • Try sleep sprays or pillow sprays; a good one is from Neom or feather and down.
  • Have a warm bath in the evening
  • Moisturize with magnesium body butter
  • Have soft lighting or maybe use nicely scented candles at night time
  • Soft pleasant instrumental
  • Meditate or pray to calm your thoughts
  • Keep yourself in the present while doing your routine

Do you sleep well? How do you ensure good quality sleep? What affects your sleep quality?

How much sleep do you need?

Do you even know? Think about it and share if you can.

There are many ways we can be more self-aware; check your sleep sis.


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Stay wholesome
Stay authentic
Be yourself and keep getting better at it.

Live wholeheartedly,


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